The balls are consume material in which used in the mills that communite the ore for regarding size.

The balls life and performance are evualated due to occasion conditions that face at working field.

The balls are effected physically from; impact forces, friction forces between liners, abrasion effect by ore, and corrosion effect such as in wet conditions.

The balls are choosen as mentioned below criterions as follows;

  • Hardness of Ore (Work Index)
  • Feeding Size of Ore
  • Product Size
  • Pulp density in occasion of grinding circuit.
  • Pulp grade in occasion of grinding circuit.
  • Mill size
  • Mill speed
  • Feeding Ratio

For long life and consistent performance, the metalurgical parameters that belonging to balls are fateful to be measured.

These mesaurements are chemical analysis, hardness, micro structure and being determined the retain of austenit ratio at final structure.

The grinding cost can be decreased if the balls have excellent quality and this case is also contributed on replenishment cost for companies.

In order to catch life and performance efficieny on balls, the quality inspection shall be done consistently.

To this end Grindballs are using high technologic production metchod.

With using production method and to choice quality raw material; uninterrupted grain flow, geometrical tolerance duration, consistent performance and long life, correct structure are obtained.

Grindballs has been testing during whole production phases to be ensured the required specifications since starting to get raw material to warehouse till reaching final product.

Grindballs products have uniform hardness from surface to core.

- Volumetric mass hardness distribution provides high wear resistance.

Grindballs can be produced balls against impact effect which have high hardness of surface - long life- and resilience feature through to core.

Grindballs has spectrometer and hardness devices to be appointed of chemical composition and hardness.

The esteemed customers are welcome to be requested various tests that could not make at plant.


Free drop test is designed to measure the durability of grinding balls against sudden impact Test device impact floor is made of plates having higher hardness than the balls. Dropped grinding balls are tested based on customer sepcifications


  • In order to measure and evaluate the impact tolerance of the product.
  • To determine the effects of grinding media in the mills
  • To understand product design accuracy
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